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Default Anyone Tried Largo Bay Silver

Hey y'all. I searched a little through the forum for references to this rum line (no not talking about The Captain) and didn't find anything. If there have been discussions on this let me know.

I find that alot of people tend to favor one series of rums over the others. This makes sense in that people have finite money and can't (and probably shouldn't) have 15 types of light rum in their cabinet. But I wanted to try some Bajan rums (my family's from there originally before my grandma and father emigrated in the 1970s) and so came across Largo Bay and La Cana Grande. Here's my experience with them in simple Daiquiris (based on Arctic Wolf's recipe). As a control I made additional examples with Cruzan Aged Light Rum (my house rum) and El Dorado 3 year.

La Cana Grande Silver - bland was pretty much the word for this one. Slight lime on the nose and very little sweetness on the taste. I'd relate it to lightly dusting a lime wedge with powdered sugar before just eating it. I don't want my rum to act like vodka in a drink. It's why I drink rum!

Largo Bay Silver - No nose whatsoever. On the taste it is full of a pleasant lime flavor. Can't taste the rum in it specifically, but in contrast to La Cana where I could taste the rum and the lime separately, in this they both seem to have integrated to create one flavor. Definitely the better out of the Barbadian rums I tasted this day.

Cruzan Aged Light
- Molasses, lime and almost a minty flavor on the nose. The sip reveals an explosion of black sugar molasses on the palate, with lime following second on the back of it leaving a nice light pucker on the aftertaste. I suppose its fitting that I got turned onto this brand. And at only 10-15% more than Largo Bay, and cheaper (in Arizona) than the Bacardi long since abandoned, this will definitely be my continued light rum.

El Dorado 3 Year
- tried this after hearing people rave about it and... I'm not really impressed. A pleasant sweet lime on the nose, and on the sip I get almost entirely a lime puckering. Unlike the La Cana where the lime seems uninfluenced by the rum directly, in this the lime is intensified causing a sour effect throughout the tongue. Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing - I like a nice sour drink every now and again, but it isn't what I'm really looking for in a drink. I've read that it can be used in place of cacha├ža, and if so is it supposed to taste bitter? Out of all of the rums I've bought, this is the one I'm most confused by.

So in short, I'd probably grade them Cruzan, Largo, El Dorado, La Cana in order of "would I buy this again-ed-ness". I want to find myself liking Largo Bay more in order to respect my heritage, and maybe if I was homeless and the $1-$3 savings on a bottle of it would be the difference of having dinner with my rum I'd buy it since it isn't bad, but I haven't been moved to switch from Cruzan at all by it.

I bought the gold rum versions of all of these as well, which I intend to try later in a similar manner. For now though I want to know what y'all think in particular of the first two rums I mentioned here, and whether you've tried any of the "third tier" rums slightly above the bottom shelf, or if you just stick to the big brands or the high tier rums for your uses.
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