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Tonight I did pick up a bottle of the Cruzan Rum Cream. Not having tried any other Rum Creams - all I can tell you is that this stuff does beat the pants off Kahlua and Baileys.

I found it to be extemely smooth and quite nice and had I found vanilla ice cream in my freezer, I fear that the bottle would be more empty than it is already.

Extremely easy to drink!

Now, I solicit your help - I have this Tortuga Banana flavored rum, which most reminds me of a 1970's soda pop called "Anna Banana" if you ever had that! I thought perhaps mixing the Tortuga in with the Rum Cream might make for an interesting taste. Interesting, yes. Good, no.

Then, I tried mixing Kahlua, milk and the Tortuga, and that was not good either. It's too sweet straight. Mixed with coke is just sick.

Outside of dumping the banana rum in cake batter, I'm running out of ideas - what would you suggest?

(I know I derailed the topic slightly, but I did just want to at least say I did buy the Cruzan Rum Cream, and found it quite enjoyable)! I want Castries as soon as I can find it!!!
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