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I signed up for this forum after seeing this thread. I loved Ten Cane when I first found it sometime around 2005 as a new product in my local liquor store.

I loved the taste of it - reminiscent of the Turbinado 'Sugar in the Raw' packets. I suppose that was the molasses...

I picked up one of these new square bottles of Ten Cane and actually prefer the old formulation. It just didn't seem 'right' to me, but I have recycled many a bottle of the old Ten Cane.

It costs about $30 a bottle in my neck of the woods.

I also love Leblon.

It sounds like this 'Oronoco' may be something worth trying now that I have lost my beloved 10 cane to the new formulation.

Is there anything else the experts here may suggest that has that 'molasses' flavor without being sickeningly sweet?

Thanks so much!
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