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Originally Posted by JasGav View Post
I live in the north east of Scotland (Aberdeen) knowing for oil and that famous rock called granite, nothing ever happens here.
However, something has been brewing just outside of Aberdeen in a town called Banchory. In the name of dark Matter Distillers will be the first true producer of rum in Scotland. I read an article in august suggesting that an oil worker had an ambitious plan to make Scotlands first true rum distillery. . . in my mind this would never happen.

There are many reasons for me to think this outrageous idea would never happen, georgraphics, the under shadow of scotch whiskey and the bloody tax man. However, there has been an apparent change in tax law and this ridiculous notion has now became an actual work in progress.

2015 might just see Scotlands first ever home soil produced rum.
I don't think it would be impossible. Both Glorious Revolution and Old Salt Rum are distilled in England.

It would certainly be very interesting. I kind of like the "Scottish" rums - OVD, Watsons as occasional mixers.
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