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Thanks for the add. I was sitting and enjoying a rum and coke mixed with my (so far) favorite rum. I've struggled with rum over the years, often reverting back to single malt scotch - until I'm called back. I've found some (Bacardi White?) to be inoffensive, but uninspiring. Others (many Jamaican rums I've tried) had a - not sure how to describe it - Juniper? taste - that was offensive to my pallet. I don't remember where my first taste of Eldorado 12 came from, but it has solidly occupied the position of favorite for a few years now. I tried the 15 - not much different. I tried the 21 year old. Actually did a vertical sampling with a few family members. We all agreed that the 21 was past it's prime - the juniper sneaking in - and not in the same class as the 12 and 15.

It's been well over a hundred bottles of the 12 and I feel like I'm getting in a rut - a lovely rut to be sure, but none the less. I checked a local vendor of fine spirits and also found El Dorado at 25 years - a bit pricey - and a 50 year old offering. I have some fine shotguns that cost me less than that. I'm balking, not so much because it's expensive - but more because we deemed the 21 past it's prime. Yes I know the age designation is only identifying the oldest in the blend, but I'm hoping to get some reviews before I jump.

Searching online, I found something called Hamilton that apparently has a few offerings. Imagine my surprise when I got here and found the home of the Ministry of Rum. Hints of Monte Python in there for sure.

I'd be hard pressed to deviate from my El Dorado, but I'm open to experimentation and suggestions.

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