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Originally Posted by AdOrAdam View Post
I tend to start with the entry level style of rum & work my way up until I find one that I really like.

Bacardi hating aside - You can taste the progression Bacardi Gold to the Bacardi 8.

When reaching for Puerto Rican rum to make a new drink I start with Bacardi Gold. If I like I drink then I upgrade the ingredients use Bacardi 8 as my Puerto Rican... great stuff for mixing!

I also sip it, nice & easy going IMO.

Has anyone got any experience of Bacardi Reserva? Its price point is higher so maybe it represents the step up from Bacardi 8?
Not sure of the price point in the US. It's roughly the same as the 8 over here. Having said that its only really available in the Duty Free's. And to avoid confusion this is NOT the Reserva Limitado which is £200 plus per bottle.

My last two visit's I've bought 1 litre bottles of the Reserva for around £27 pounds. A bottle of Bacardi 8 is around £32.

Personally, I prefer the Reserva. It's drier and slightly rougher but is an excellent mixer.

Both are a huge step up from the entry level Bacardi's. The Black and Gold are especially unpleasant.

The Reserva is a product of Puerto Rico and the Bacardi 8 is a product of the Bahamas. Too very different rums. The 8 seems to have went down the smooth sipping route and the Reserva has a more robust flavour.

I've reviewed both on my site if you wish to have a look.

The White Sipper is also reviewed you may wish to try that as well!
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