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Originally Posted by StephenLouis View Post
I have avoided Bacardi as I saw it as the Molson of rums, and not worth my time. This was the rum our parents pulled out at those early 70' parties.

My concern after reading this thread is it is exactly the same price as my beloved favorite Rum at 32.99/750ml. So is it worth trying for me now that I am convinced that at the worse it deserves a chance? This might be one I order in a PUB to test.

Stephen, if you are alluding to the the Black Seal, then the B8 will give a you a solid "opposite of Black Seal" rum. It is a dyed-in-the-wool Puerto Rican rum. It's pretty easy to buy around these parts for around $18 to $20 so, it's a good value, too.
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