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Originally Posted by El Dorado View Post
Thanks Ron and Rum Runner. It is fantastic to know yhat you are amongs friends, people who appreciate what little you have to share / contribute. Sorry to hear that MRJ is no longer with us.
Ron, we do produce single still rums - we produce a single still ICBU rum which is from the Savalle still and was originally produced at Uitvlugt distillery, a single still EHP rum which is from the wooden continuous Coffey still and was originally produced at Enmore distillery and a single still PM rum which is from the double wooden pot still and was originally produced at Port Mourant distillery. You would be surprise to see how different these individual rums are as compared to the blended El Dorado (Demerara) rums. It goes to show that with the correct composition and good blending how different your rums can be.
Carl thank you very much for the time which you have taken to respond to our forum. I missed the introduction of the single barrel rums when they were first available in the US. It was largely my fault for not paying attention. But, the good news is that I found a reserve of all 3 of the Single Barrel offerings in the San Francisco Bay area. I have purchased 3 full sets. It is a guilty pleasure of mine to dip into these rums. Much has been written on the forum about their value as a "study" of the elements of blending. While I concur, fully, with that notion, I also find all 3 special for what they are, very, tasty, good rums.

I second Hank's remark that I would love a steady source for this solid line of rums!
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