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You'll definitely end up at Foxy's but don't overlook the Sand Bar where the Pusser's Pain Killer was invented in the next bay to leeward of Great Bay on Jost Van Dyke.

For rum I start in the grocery stores in Road Town, there are a few warehouses on the east side of Road Bay that might have a few brands that aren't in the Road Town stores but the selection in the grocery stores will surprise you. There are also a few boutique shops that may have some new offerings. When you get to Can Garden Bay on the north side of Tortola you'll find the Callwood distillery and you might find Styles Callwood and his Tortola Spiced Rum. If you see him, please give him my best.

Being British you'll find Havana Club and a few other rums which aren't sold in the US islands. You will find rums that aren't on this site, there are new rums coming to the market all the time, some are good and some should stay on the shelf. Barbancourt 8 year old is generally a good value in the BVIs. Enjoy the trip, the BVIs are probably the most convenient place to sail for a week in the winter.

Even if the wind pipes up you're fairly well protected and there are plenty of anchorages.
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