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Originally Posted by JMac View Post
This rum really doesn't do well with other mixers IMO.
JMac, i must admit that the agricole i use for this concoction above is Dillon blanc and/or Clйment vieux..and not Depaz, and my Depaz is unfortunately finished. But this drink really is yummy, you should give it a try!

I went yesterday and bought a pineapple just for this drink, but when i came to the shop to buy Ting it was first the guy didn`t know what i meant when i said Ting, so today i went back with a empty can to show. Then he said, oh you meant THAT one! oh yes, its really really good isn`t it? its finished because i drank up most of it...

So tomorrow i will have to sub the Ting with Sanpellegrino pompelmo.
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