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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
I see your point, because you wouldn't see the term anejo used on non-spanish bottles, hence the Spanish style. It's just that I find the classification anejo / extra viejo for the number of years aged very convenient and use it across all styles.

Actually my more detailed classification includes ten categories:


Obviously it is a subjective classification, but that's what I used when compiling best of lists. I guess we're in dire need of an "official" classification.

Estoy medianamente de acuerdo con tu clasificación, aunque como soy newbie, y mi dominio del idioma ingles es aun muy precario (uso un traductor), voy poco a poco, leyendo post. Pero queria proponer y preguntar varias cosas. Lo hare aqui mismo para ahorrar tiempo:

1. Coincido con Edward que "Premium" y "Sipping" vienen siendo lo mismo (subcategorias como "Ultra-Premium", por ejemplo, tienen que ver más con el precio y el lujo de la botella, que con otros aspectos).
2. Entiendo como "Añejo" y "Extra-Añejo", una subclasificación dentro de los Dark Rum ¿o me equivoco?.
3. En tu clasificación, "White" ¿son los Light Rum?.
4. ¿Todos los Navy Rum: son overproof y blended? o ¿solo overproof?.

Una ultima cuestión:

Como mi colección actual se limita a solo rones venezolanos (y ademas, los que tengo solo son Dark Rum - "Añejos" y "Extra-Añejos"), me gustaría encontrar threads en el foro donde podamos leer listas de los Mejores Rones (o bien,recomendaciones), por cada uno delos tipos que tu clasificación propone: "Best Navy Rums", "Best Dark Rums"...



In english:

I am fairly in agreement with your classification, although as I am newbie, and my command of the English language is still very precarious (I use a translator), I go little by little, reading post. But I wanted to propose and ask several things. I will do it here to save time:

1. I agree with Edward that "Premium" and "Sipping" have been the same (subcategories such as "Ultra-Premium", for example, have to do more with the price and luxury of the bottle, than with other aspects).
2. I understand as "Añejo" and "Extra-Añejo", a sub-classification within the Dark Rum, or am I wrong?
3. In your classification, "White" are the Light Rum ?.
4. All Navy Rum: are they overproof and blended? Or just overproof ?.

One last question:

As my current collection is limited to only Venezuelan rums (and also, those that I have only are Dark Rum - "Añejos" and "Extra-Añejos"), I would like to find threads in the forum where we can read lists of the Best Rums (or well, recommendations), for each of the types that your classification proposes: "Best Navy Rums", "Best Dark Rums" ...

Thank you
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