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Not a newbie to rum. I joined the Royal Navy in 1963 and as a Victualler was responsible for storing, issuing and accounting for the RN's daily rum issue until it's demise on the 31st July 1970. (Black Tot Day).

I continued my interest in genuine RN rum after I left the Navy in 1979 and to that end have purchased a substantial collection of Royal Navy Rum memorabilia including round and lipped measures, funnels, corkscrews, barrels, jars, tubs, issuing fannies and (I'm down to my last 4 gallons) genuine ex Royal Navy rum. After Black Tot Day a considerable amount of rum left in the Royal Dockyards was purchased by a consortium, shipped out to Gibraltar and sold in gallon jars from there. Occasionally some of these full gallons pop up for auction in the UK and over the years I have probably purchased about 20 gallons of the stuff.

I also collect Pusser's Rum memorabilia and have a substantial collection of that as well including some of the early rare items.

Favourite rums include Royal Navy (obviously), Angostura 1824, Pusser's 15 y.o., Mount Gay extra old and OVD.

I cruise the Caribbean islands about every 3 years or so and enjoy sipping all of the various islands' rums. Last time I was fortunate to be included in Tot Time in English Harbour, Antigua with a bunch of like minded rum lovers.
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