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Default Hello from Montreal

Newbie with the Ministry of Rum.

While in Barbados in 2011 and 2012, my wife and I toured St-Nicholas Abbey as well Mount Gay distilleries and as a vodka drinker, I recalled my initial reaction to the tasting of St-Nicholas Abbey's rum, which was incredible. As a result I purchased a bottle of 8yr, as well as a 12 yr Rum from St-Nicholas Abbey which remained unopened until last week.

My drink of choice to date has been vodka which I drink neat and my favorites include Stoli Elit, Absolut Elyx and Beluga vodkas. Recently I opened and sipped on my 8 yr old Rum from St-Nicholas Abbey and it imediately brought me back to my first tastings of this product and I decided to delve into the world of aged rums. I have since sampled my 12 yr St-Nicholas Abbey rum as well as a Santa Teresa 1796 solera rum.

From my limited knowledge of rum distillation it is my understanding that rum made from sugarcane juice differs slightly from that made from its by-product, molasses. The overwhelming sensation (smell and taste) of molasses in the Santa Teresa 1796 rum was very enjoyable although quite different from those from St-Nicholas Abbey rums, which I prefer. As such, I would dare to say that I am less fond of sweeter rums than those similar to St-Nicholas Abbey rums with oak flavours.

My questions are:

1. Is Rum/Rhum made from sugarcane juice better / tastier than those made from molasses? In which way do they differ?
2. Which sugarcane based Rum/Rhum with oakey flavours would you recommand I try?
3. Which molasses based Rums with oakey flavours would you suggest I try?
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