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If cost is no concern It could be ordered internationally from this reputable dealer:

The shipping is high and the bottle is higher cost than it would be when it is becomes available in the US.

This rum is Labeled Ocumare “R” in Venezuela with no age statement, and Ocumare 12 in Europe. It sounds like a bottle bought outside of Venezuela and the one in that link would match what you had.

While the R or 12 have not to my knowledge been distributed in the US, The white and anejo have been. These two are very cheap! They have historically been available at Total wine in Florida. Other stores in Florida appear to have distribution as well consider this web page

14.99 for the Anejo rum.

In my estimation on the US market the 12 year should sell for no more than 30-35.00. Consider also that mass marketer Diageo now owns the distiller of this product, which also produces Pampero rum massively available every where I go I see it now even at mom and pop stores.

I have been following this one for a short time and I would not be surprised to see this one hitting the market within a year given all of its activity and awards in recent American rum competitions. It may be something to wait on.

If we could find out the actual importer of the current offerings it would be valuable to contact them to see if it is available state side and if not the plans of it being available.
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