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no there are no liquor stores near the strip that have a decent collection of rums beyond the regular stuff. I have yet to find anything unusual or different and prices tend to run high.

I travel to vegas regularly for work and have checked out pretty much everything on the strip without seeing anything worthwhile. If you want to try to find something interesting I would recommend going to one of the local total wines or lee's discount liquor. both have pretty standard offerings though even the "high end" rums are the standard ones you see everywhere. for prices though lee's and totalwine are the lowest in town. I think there is a lee's not far from the strip on flamingo. check google maps for the location. For regular rums dont bother with the strip go off strip. even a block or two will get you lower prices.

if you are looking for some good rum bars I would highly recommend going to franks tiki room. It is a lot of fun and has amazing drinks. just take a taxi since i am sure you will leave with at least a buzz. the drinks range from strong to "holly s***" strong. but the prices are good and it is classic tiki and the bartenders are really know their stuff.

another option right on the strip is a bar called rhum. I think it is in the mirage. it has some good drinks and selection of rums but it is on the strip so you will pay a premium for them. The bartenders know nothing about rums though.
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