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Originally Posted by tym2relax View Post
Tiare - I like that glass, did you have to buy it there or is it available online? I'll be on Maui later this year and could stop by Mamas. If that was your Mai Tai, how was it?
The Mai Tai on the pic is from Mamas.
When i want a large Mai Tai or other large tiki drink i use these glasses, otherwise i make my small Mai Tais in a old fashioned glass. But these glasses are really nice and very heavy. You can find the glass with the double sided tiki all over eEBay but the one from Mamas are harder to find but not impossible. I got both from EBay from 2 different sellers so the chance is not too bad.
But if you are going there..

Here is a link to a pic of the one that is not from Mamas:
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