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Default New York July 13

It was an ominous Friday the 13th when I found myself regrouping after a night out in New York City that included a ti punch in a bar I discovered through the back door of a telephone booth in a hot dog stand. No it wasn't late, actually that was only my second drink of the evening, and I was delighted to see one of my old friends behind the bar with a good selection of spirits in this cool place to get out of the heat.

As someone who doesn't live in Manhattan, I'm still a little surprised to meet people I know in this mega city, and it happened again at 433 East 6th Street at Death & Co, where I met Avery Glasser who had judged a cocktail contest with me in San Francisco a few months ago and is now living in Manhattan with his wife. It turns out Avery is one of the geeks behind Bittermen's Cocktail Bitters. So it wasn't long before I was drinking a 6th Street Swizzle made with some of Avery's bitters. I won't post the recipe because I'll surely get it wrong and disappoint Avery and Phil, who made the drink. But suffice it to say that I'll be back for another 6th Street Swizzle.
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