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Originally Posted by Matusalem View Post
Kind of tough to wade through. For me I'd either concentrate on my calorie intake or enjoy my spirit/pour. I wouldn't try to manage (or mitigate) both simultaneously.

"Diet Rum"... the next sensation.
I've never known anyone who lost weight drinking Diet anything. My best advice, and I'll say it's worth what I charge you for it, is moderation is the key to success.
Want a drink and don't want too many calories? Enjoy one drink, but make it special. Don't use the cheapest mixer - if it contains an ingredient list that doesn't slide off your tongue, put it back. Or better yet, use fresh ingredients and good spirits and leave it at that.

Moderation is the key to success and either before you enjoy your indulgence, or the next day. Do some extra exercise so you'll continue to feel good about what you drink and you'll feel good about the choices you've made.
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