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Originally Posted by rumdog007 View Post
Robert, I don't care to join the panel because, honestly, I am not qualified to judge. But, I do want to be adopted by you and your family. It is no problem for me to change my name to Burr and move to Florida.
Well what disqualifies you? I wouldn't be so quick to count yourself out. Seeing all the high marks this rum seems to be getting, I'm very interested in trying it, especially before it's available here (if it ever will be). Some premium rums are quite overpriced here, including $45 for Mt Gay XO, $50 for El Dorado 15, etc.
I haven't written any long, detailed reviews before since I don't have my own blog, but have just written shorter blurbs with just the important facts (not that I am incapable of such).

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I'm a long way from Florida and won't be able to sample this for a while. If you so desire, I'd be glad to provide you with another review/opinion on this rum Robert.

Like Rumdog I was quick to disqualify myself, but then I thought that just because I haven't tried 100+ rums doesn't make my evaluation of new ones invalid. What currently has me intrigued is how trying the same rum on a different day will produce subtle differences in taste (depending on what I have eaten, among other things). Or maybe it's just this new Flare glass.

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