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Default Info on Fulo Products


I recently received three bottles of cachaca from friends in southern Brasil
(Porto Alegre in Rio Grande so Sul). Two were 'Nega Fulo', one in a regular glass bottle(which included two 'cachaca glasses'), one in a very decorative terra cotta vessel (which I plan on displaying unopened....) This cachaca is light gold, and pretty 'intense' when drunk 'pura'--I can see how some equate cachaca as having flavors in between rum and tequila. It did make EXCELLENT caipirinhas, however. Looking on the Fulo website (only in Portugues....), I noticed that they also make 'lighter' and 'darker' products (labeled 'Fulo 1827'). Does anyone know the aging of the various Fulo products ?--I could not see it anywhere on the bottle or website. Of interest, it seems that the color/flavor of the various products is also based on the TYPE of wood they are aged in, not just duration--the Nega is aged in oak, and the dark product is aged in a dark wood called Pau-Brasil (the light is aged in a different light wood, do not recall the name....)

The other bottle contained a slightly darker cachaca of decent quality (aged 4 years in oak, per the bottle). However, I prob won't open it, as it is a registered 'collectors item' celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Internacional soccer club ('Inter') from Porto Alegre (it is labeled as '1909 Premium Cachaca")


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