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The rum market in the UK is a little bit different to the US but very healthy.

I don't have access to Hamilton rums, nor Kohala Bay (have been approximating half El Dorado 12 & Smith & Cross in some drinks).

S&C is an unusual rum in my book, I have a bottle that I'm half way through - it is an exciting product, one I see more as a rum I try out in drinks rather than one that I think of a 'solid'. Now, Coruba is a good rum (I had a bottle from a relative from Oz) but isn't available around here.

I use the Havana Clubs as PR rums. I'm not a fan of Shrunken Skulls but Jet Pilots & Zombies I enjoy. Ron Barrilito isn't available.

That list is the 'mixing' bar that I consider essential (ie ones that I replenish ASAP when I run out of them) & 'the difficult not to include' are ones I use frequently as well. I have had other bottles that I haven't been so keen on.
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