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For my personal preferences I have:

• Light mixing rum - Bacardi Superior (unbothered)
• Gold mixing rum - Bacardi Gold (unbothered)
• Gold Jamaican - Appleton VX
• Dark Jamaican - Blackwell (undecided)
• Gold Demerara - El Dorado 5
• Dark Demerara - Woods 100 (undecided)
• Rhum Agricole - Saint James Amber (undecided)
• Cuban style Rum - Havana Club Blanco / Brugal Blanco (1st equals)
• Punch Rum - Wray & Nephews
• Gin - Gordons (unbothered)
• Brandy - Macieira (unbothered)
• Cinnamon syrup - Monin
• Orgeat - Monin
• Falernum - Taylors Velvet (undecided)
• Pimento dram - home made (definitely not Bitter Truth)
• Pernod - Pernod!

All the ones that say 'Undecided' are the ones Im working with a brand at the moment but Ive heard some are better (Coruba over Blackwell, LH151 over Woods 100, etc).

All the ones that say 'Unbothered' are the ones where I dont think it matters.

Havana Club Blanco & Brugal Blanco are equally great but I like using a cuban rum to make a cuban drink so I go with Havana Club.

I love Wray & Nephews by the way
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