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Default What to have in a tiki mixing bar...

Hi guys

In response to another thread (and so as not to overwelm that thread) - I would like to know your musings on what to have in a tiki mixing bar.

I believe in sticking to the 'geographically designated rums' from Don Beach / Trader Vic / Beachbum Berry recipes (e.g. Puerto Rican, Virgin Islands, Jamaican etc).

So far I have the list as:

• Light mixing rum (Puerto Rican or substitute)
• Gold mixing rum (Puerto Rican or substitute)
• Gold Jamaican Rum
• Dark Jamaican Rum
• Gold Demerara Rum
• Dark Demerara Rum
• Rhum Agricole
• Cuban style Rum
• Punch Rum
• Gin
• Brandy
• Cinnamon syrup
• Orgeat
• Falernum
• Pimento dram
• Pernod

I dont make many drinks that require Bajan or Virgin Islands rum so I have excluded them.

I include Cuban style rum as a white rum that you feel shines in a mojito or a daiquiri.

I exclude sipping quality rums as that could get waaaaaaay more complicated

Can you please contribute ideas & brands?

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