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Default Gosling's is IT!

Just thought I'd update this as I've tried some more, including Barritt's in bottles, Bruce Cost, and Regatta. I even shelled out for some more Fever Tree. And the winner is: Gosling's! Maybe my palate just got used to it since that's mostly what I've used since the summer but I find it the most neutral and the best match for Gosling's Black Seal in a D&S. All the others seem to have some other flavors going on, be it citrus, honey, pineapple, whatever. And every time I go back to the Gosling's it's like "Ahhhhhh yes."

My only beef is I wish it had a bit more of a gingery bite. So short of making my own ginger syrup, which I have done, it's gonna be Goslings' for a quick and yummy D&S. Thanks to all for the fun discussion!
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