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Regatta, ok cool I'll look into it - thanks!

Just found a local place that carries Barritt's in bottles so I'm gonna pick up a pack or two tonight. for any Chicagoans it's the Binny's on Clark (but not the one in Lincoln Park).

as for the lemon thing, hmmmm i just don't know about that. really like the lime but if i feel crazy maybe i'll try it.

just found this review of Regatta, which sounds pretty good but it may not have the intense ginger kick that i love about Fever-Tree and a few others. the best part of this review is that he mentions one i haven't heard of: Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost. looks very interesting. just found a boutique market near me that stocks it so i'll have to go check that out tonight too. i think it's gonna be a fun night.
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