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I am curious about this as well. Mount Gay only made 3000 bottles of the Tricentennial and will never make this again, luckily I have one. As the bottles that are out there are consumed and they are more rare, does a bottle that was bought for $350 today go up in value in 10 years for someone who really wants a bottle of Tricentennial in the future. I say that it definitely will to a rum collector who wants to get his hands on a bottle of Tricentennial. Look at that bottle of W & M that went for $53,000 or the bottle of Martha Washington that went fr $20,000. Very rare or limited edition rums will always go up in value as supply depletes, you just have to find someone willing to buy it. There are plenty of Spirit collectors who will pay high dollar for bottles like these.

Another question, will rum or spirits go bad in an unopened bottle over time? I know there have been discussions on proper storage of opened bottles, but haven't seen one on unopened bottles.
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