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I agree that coloring/flavoring agents may not be the biggest culprits. They do however act as "masking" agents as you know.

I like your term "Crude Oil" in describing how some of the more popular premium come across.

I think you are correct that the independent bottlers are not sitting together in a marketing war room figuring out how to make the same product.

So, where is the common bond amongst these rums?

At first I thought it might be the climate they are aged in...Bristol Spirits ages in England..and Murray McDavid in Scotland...But, Ferrand ages in the Caribbean...So that shoots that down.

That would bring me back to the base distillate that the Indie producers are selecting. My guess is that they are selecting an intermediate run as opposed to a light or heavy run as a choice of which to age and bottle.

They may well be "cherry picking" the distilleries lot for these distinctive styles. The UK guys are especially good at this as are the French and the Italians.
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