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Back now from my Whistler trip. The skiing was awesome, fresh powder every day for a week. Whistler Bowl and Blackcomb Glacier were particularly tasty, but low vis kept me out of the couloirs.

Found a decent liquor store near the center of the pedestrian mall, next to the grocery. Ignoring the 50% shelf space devoted to Bacardi in all its incarnations, I found varieties of FDC (5 and 7), Cruzan (flavors), Appleton (VX and 12), English Harbour 5, Lemon Hart, Mount Gay (Eclipse and XO), and Lambs. Prices were about what I expected, about 20% higher than US.

I picked up a bottle of Lambs Navy for the condo, and Mount Gay XO and Appleton 12 for suitcase ballast

Bars were generally disappointing, mostly Bacardi and Captain with the occasional Appleton VX. Prices were high and pours were stingy. One exception: The Mountain Club Lounge, where prices were very high but the selection was quite good, including some higher end products from most of the brands listed above, plus Pyrat and Zacapa.

Overall, if you are looking for a good way to smuggle some rum back into the US, try Vancouver airport, because they certainly wont be expecting it!
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