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Default New Rums for 2008 ?

Ok boys and girls, it’s my birthday in August. So I’m giving you plenty of time to get your credit cards out to pick up some new & old kids on the rum block that I think will sit beautifully on my rum shelf. (If I could find anymore room) I might have over 350 rums at home trying to tempt me to kiss them like a room full of exotic, full bodied concubines, but I need some fresh meat. So here are some new releases that I’m looking out for this year….

• Appleton’s 30 year old. Jamaica.

• English Harbour’s 10 (the new blend) & 25 years Antigua

• Angostura’s new White, Anejo & Grand Anejo (New package and blends) Trinidad

• El Dorado’s new 3 yr White and 5 year Gold (New package) Guyana

• Santa Teresa Bodega Privada (with my name on it please), Venezuela

• Nicholas Abbey 10 year old, Barbados

• A premium range of aged spiced rums from Clarke’s Court, Grenada

• Chairman’s reserve (New Package and name), St. Lucia

There are a couple more rums that have been promised from various blenders and distillers that are on the horizon, but if I tell what they are….I’ll have to kill you.

Two questions....

1...Are there any new rums we should be looking out for ?
2...And if you have kissed any of these rums, what is your opinion of them ?

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