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Talking Rhum Agricole Part 1

Since I just returned from the Islands, I wanted to share my experiences in a few segments. The first one I would like to discuss is Rhum Agricole Blanc. I tasted quite a few, and found them all to be good, with slight variations in flavor. Trois Rivieres, Rhum J.M, Bally, St. Etienne, Neisson, Clement and others from Martinique. Damoiseau, Montebello, Bologne and others from Guadaloupe. The Ti Punch is very popular on St. Barts, which is also a personal favorite, and there are a few variations as to how it is made. The Rhum Blancs from Guadaloupe are a little more intense in flavor, more grassy and floral.:
All of these Blancs come in at 50 ABV, so caution must be taken as to how much one consumes at one time.
My favorites are La Favorite and Neisson, which I already had, and can find here in the states. I also like Rhum Bologne quite a bit, and that was my only Rhum Blanc I returned with. All of the bars have TR , Bologne, and Havana Club, other choices vary.
The only disappointment I had, was that there was not any La Favorite or Rhum De Paz in any form to be found anywhere on the Island, nor could I find either of them in the few places I visited on St. Martin.
I was also able to procure a perfect set of Ti Punch glasses, embossed with the Damoiseau label.
Also I might as well mention here, there were a number of Amber Rhums represented, which are aged for a short period before bottling ( I believe around 1 year to 18 months.) They are mostly called Rhum Paille. St. James Rhum Paille can be found in the states. I tasted a few, and they have a different flavor profile, and each distillery makes its own representation.
I have La favorite and Neissons version, so I chose not to bring any of these home.
I wanted to carry more of the Rhum Vieux and Tres Vieux that I found.
I will talk about those in later installments.
Rum is the answer. What was the question?

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