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Default cayman island rum

I'm finishing my trip at the Cayman Islands and wanted to comment about the rum available here. There is certainly lots to choose from in the local liquor stores and taverns, although its VERY expensive, as is the food in restaurants, grocerys, newspapers ...... damn near everything.

The local favorite rum (or "favourite", as they spell it here) is BlackBeards rum, found in the local beach bar's house-drinks. It tastes like fuel oil to me.

Big Black Dick rum ..... I just couldn't bring myself to even try it.

Local liquor stores such as "Big Daddys" are stocked with Flur de Cana, Mount Gay Old Rum, Goslings, Ron Zacapa, etc. I've never seen such a selection, although the prices are 2-3 times as much as in Illinois. Duty-Free shopping is also available for much cheaper, but you have to promise you'll be leaving the country in 90 minutes. If you're going to consume the product in the country, you need to buy the rum in a liquor store with all applicable taxes.

The surprise I found is Tortuga rum; its wonderful. But since there are no sugarcane plantations in the Caymans, the rum is made, aged, and bottled in the West Indies. Apparently, the rum is then labeled as "from the Cayman Islands" delivered to all the duty-free shoppes in George Town. But here's the catch --- I loved the rum. Forget about the flavored rums and head directly to the Tortuga 5 year aged gold rum. It was thick, creamy smooth mouth-feel and nice rum taste with slight oakiness. Wonderful. The 12 year old rum tasted like burnt caramel; I woudn't pay extra for it.

If you happen to be in George Town, the only "rum joint" I found is Breezes, in downtown along the wharf which serves 34 selections of rum. On the menu they offer rum flights --- a tasting of 3 types of rum served in a corny wooden boat. You can choose what price level you'd like, from $12 to $45 for three shots. And when I asked to "choose my own", the bartender was knowledgeable and generous, giving me a shot of Ron Zacapa 23, Mount Gay Old Rum and Havana Club 7 year old for only $15 (a typical generic Rum Runner here costs $10-12).

I've become a Rum Bum in the Cayman Islands, but heading back home to the cornfields tomorrow. Looking forward to any comments

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