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Default Agricole blanc - disappointment

Hi all,

Living in Denmark where rum from the french islands are impossible to get, I've spent quite some time lusting for one of those delicious looking Ti punches but having no idea what to expect.

I finally pursuaded my local dealer to order a bottle of Clement Rhum Agricole blanc, apparently the only brand he could get.

I was extremely disappointed

It turned out to be a 40% abv version which to my understanding is on the low side for agricoles? I was surprised by the fact that it doesn't really taste anything like rum in my opinion ?!? When sailing in the BVI last spring I found a St. James Rhum Vieux in Spanishtown which I really enjoyed - it had a similar underlying taste (but much more subtle) and I didn't doubt that I actually was drinking rum. Should I just embrace the fact that rhum agricole blanc isn't for me, or was I unlucky by picking up the 40% Clement? How does it compare to, say, La Favorite?
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