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Default Puerto Rican rum

This thread was started to answer some of the questions about Puerto Rican Rum.

Which raises the question - perhaps a side thread (and if so we can move the discussion), but why is Puerto Rican rum generally less diverse in flavor? Of course it's hard to tell a Puerto Rican that, but I tend to agree with the sentiments expressed. Puerto Rican rums are not completely without character it's just been my recent experience that most of what I've tasted is limited in array, and well to be honest I keep hardly any and any purchases were based on price rather than outstanding or intriguing taste (if you know what I mean).

Not meaning to step on Rican rum, just curious as I always am when ever a blanket statement comes forward that rings true with myself and my own personal taste. Are we just on the same page and have similar tastes on that particular rum destination or is there something else to it? Is the lack of diversity by design? Is that the best the industry there can do? Are most of the companies restricted to the same or similar productions thus similar results?

That last bit ( restrictions) came to mind in a discussion with a friend regarding spirits in general and how Barcardi had positioned itself into the top 15 or so brands on the market. The odd thing is they did so by selling quite a few million cases of rum. At the same time, several other brands that placed ahead of Barcardi did so selling quite a few million less cases world-wide. In the discussion I raised the point that there were 3 whiskey brands ahead and that I thought production costs generally were lower for rum - due to where it is generally produced - his assertion was that Bacardi was primarily produced in Puerto Rico and therefore likely subject to regulations (read final costs) not likely to resemble 3rd world wages and resources.
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