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Originally Posted by Hank Koestner View Post
That is quite an impressive resume! Will Ms. Vernant be interacting on the forum? As everyone knows, I love Rhum Agricole, and I might have a few questions for her. I have four varied bottles of Neisson sitting on my shelf,
and it is lucky that we can aquire them here in the states so they can be replenished. Welcome to the Minstry, Mrs Verant!
Claudine Neisson Vernant will be answering questions on this forum. There have been a few changes in the AOC regulations and with the EU in regards to rhum agricole which Claudine will explain. She is very busy as you can imagine so don't expect a quick response but she loves helping others understand rhum agricole - what it is, what it isn't, how it's made and questions about Neisson and the history of rhum agricole.
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