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Claudine Neisson Vernant is the daughter of Jean Hildevert Pamphile Neisson, a chemical engineer who with his eldest brother, Adrian, founded the distillery in 1931 and received authorization from the governor of the colony to produce rhum in 1932.

Claudine graduated from the Univeristy of Medicine of Paris and worked as a doctor in Paris before coming to Martinique in 1974 to work as a doctor in tropical diseases department at the Center Hospital University. Later she worked in HIV research and treatment 1995.

Today she is the president of the Syndicat de defense de l' Appellation d' Origine rhum agricole Martinique. She is also a member of the French National Commission of Eau de Vie and the National Committee of Wines.

She is also a member of the Committee of French rhum producers "cirt dom" which inlcudes Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion and French Guyana and represents French rhum producers to the French Ministries and the EU commission in Brussels.
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