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Great observations and questions Mat. I'm no expert either. I have had the fortune to taste some of these offerings.

I agree with you that the flavor profiles are "brighter" and more "fruity" compared to most of the distillery bottled products. And we know that these "Indie" bottlers are buying and ageing product from the established distillers. So what gives?

One thought I have is that the established brands are all blending at least 2 or more different ages in their premium offerings to achieve a house style. This blending leads to a consistent style, but will also "dumb down" the individual flavor profile of each component.

The "Indies" are hand selecting small lots, sometimes as small as 1 barrel. These are very often Vintage, as in the case of Ferrand and Bristol Spirits. I think this allows the individual flavor profile to show through.

In addition, "additives" such as caramel as well as other proprietary flavorings that many premium rums employ tend to shade the bright fruity aspect that many of the "Indies" display.

Lastly, I believe that most of the "Indie" bottlers tend to filter very lightly or not at all. They may not always look polished in the bottle, but I believe it helps to keep the clarity in the flavor.

Just my 2 cents.
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