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I came accross your Forum a couple of times in the past months and noticed that you were questionning or researching the origin of one of the products I represent in the US, the Rums Chauffe Coeur Martinique Agricole. The brand has been created half a century ago by the respectable Martayrol SA in France, who is producer, negociant and "eleveur" of Calvados, Armagnac, Cognac, Martinique Rums and other French eaux de vie.
Martayrol used to buy from a couple of small producers in Martinique and bring into France small bulk quantities of wonderful Rums Agricole which bear the AOC Rhums Martinique Agricole; they have always aged and blended the Rums Brun in their own cellars, developing a consistent house style over the years. But due to the small size of their purchases and due to the consolidations of the Maisons de Rhums in Martinique, a kind of monopoly, it soon became almost impossible for them to buy it direct from the Martinique and the only solution now is to buy it from a couple of selected negociants in France.
The quality and the house style have not changed however, because the Rhums are still aged and blended by the 2 brothers, owners and master distillers of Martayrol.
All Rums Chauffe Coeur sold in the US are always accompanied by the Certificate of Origin Martinique Agricole; I'm enclosing a copy of such certificate for one of our recent sale to our importer in Chicago.
Since being introduced in the US, Chauffe Coeur Rums have won many awards : Highest Recommendation by Paul Pacult of the Spirit Journal, Top 50 Best Spirits and Top 50 Best Buy Spirits in the Wine Enthusiast.
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