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Adam - interesting (and funny) you mentioned maybe trying the Godiva. I went to the store last night with the intent of picking up the white rum for the Daiquiris for Saturday night (decided to go with the Cruzan Light), and I looked at that Godiva long and hard. Very tempted!

I thought about the Godiva specifically in regards to the Tortuga Banana. In the end, considering I spent over $170 on rums last week in Saint Louis, and made some purchases this week, that the expensive Godiva is going to have to wait.

(Maybe I can dump Hershey's syrup in a glass and pour the banana rum on top?)

I think you are right on pulling back on the orgeat - way back. This Tortuga is really, really sweet.

Speaking of that, were you serious when you said the Tortuga Light Rum has a taste of cake batter? Did you find this rum kind of "thick" or syrupy?

The banana rum is.
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