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I also miss the Ti Punch here (but if you compare this to regular bars, most of them don´t offer Ti Punch "Cocktails").

I voted for Mai Tai if it is properly made with a mixture of Jamaica (Appleton 12) and a nice Agricole (Clement VSOP or St. James Royal Ambre) and has no pineapple and/or orange juice in it

I also like some uncommon recipes like:

Rum Sour Triobar

6cl rum (dark and heavy)
6cl pineapplejuice
juice of 1 lime (more or less 5cl)
2cl simple sugar syrup

recommended is the Old Monk 7yo as a nice heavy rum (as a mixer not sipper), but if you don´t have this one it also works with Appleton Dark or Lambs Navy Rum.
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