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Default Los Angeles, CA

I was surprised there wasn't a thread for LA. Did I just miss it?

Anyway, I'm originally from Los Angeles. I know some in LA probably miss the old Trader Vic's (the new ones are a bit too corporate and mainstream from what I've heard), Don the Beachcomber's, and Steve Crane's The Luau, but I wasn't around to experience them unfortunately.

A little bar I ran across on the internet was Tiki Ti. It's a small, family-owned and operated place which I'm definitely going to check out when I visit home. Anyone been? Apparently it's been around since 1961 in one guise or another. The only thing that's off-putting is that they allow smoking (although I'm not sure how this works since it's outlawed in LA), but this may be appealing to those that like to pair a pipe or cigar to their drink (not me).

Apparently a new place called Luau just opened in Beverly Hills inspired by the old one from back in the day. It's more of an upscale bar/restaurant that one would expect to find in Beverly Hills.
more info

I'll check out both places when I can and let you guys know what I find out.

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