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Default West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. new distillery

West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. has plans for new plant
Web Posted - Mon Jan 14 2008
Source: Barbados Advocate
By Jewel Brathwaite

ONE of this country's leading rum producers is promising to aggressively pursue export markets for its range of premium quality Barbadian rums.
It is the West Indies Rum Distillery Limited, which at the same time is preparing plans for a new Jamaican distillery plant, where it has an investment.

Chairman John S. Taylor, along with Director Martin Pritchard, spoke to the issue of an export strategy and costs while reviewing the companys improved performace for last year.
They attributed the higher sales and gross profits to increased demand for our premium quality rums, better market pricing conditions, and improved plant efficiencies .

They remarked that the company has invested heavily in equipment, improving operating and energy efficiencies, as well as staff training programmes.

These investments and improvement programmes will continue to be pursued in the coming year, they declared.
They noted as well that the design work for a new distillery at National Rums of Jamaica, where the West Indies Rum Distilleries has an investment, has been finalised with site preparation expected to commence in March this year.

This project should be completed by April next year at an estimated cost of BDS$18 million. However, in dealing with cost, Messrs Taylor and Pritchard labelled Barbados as an expensive country in which to operate.
According to them, We have to compete head on with several countries where there is an adequate quantity of local molasses available or where there are energy and other production subsidies.

The two men also said in their joint report that it is essential if we are to maintain international competitiveness that our production facilities function in the most efficient manner. Operating practices, staff training and investment in equipment are therefore an essential part of our company strategy.

West Indies Rum Distillery Limited posted sales of $36.1 million, during the year ended September 30, 2007, compared to $27.9 million for the previous year. This represents a 29.6 percent increase.

Gross profit achieved for the year was $8.7 million or 24.2 per cent of sales incomparison to the prior year's $6.0 million.
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