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Default Santa Teresa Gran Reserva

Santa Teresa 1796 Antiguo de Solera gets a lot of attention, but recently opened a bottle of Santa Teresa Gran Reserva and poured some over ice and wonder why I don't drink more of this rum, on the rocks. Ice attenuates the flavor profile of the rum but didn't want to sip anything straight tonight while I finish up some work and enjoy the second half of Sunday night football.

There's a little butterscotch in the initial taste that leads into the warm body, in spite of the ice, laced with hints of cinnamon, baked banana, cashew and a slight smoky cedar and oak wood note followed by a smooth smoky finish that lingers longer than expected and invites another sip.

I've been enjoying this rum since the mid-90s when I'd buy it in Margarita Island before heading north at the end of hurricane season. Even after more than 10 years, I'm pleased to taste a rum I enjoyed years ago and that I still enjoy.
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