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Personally I would have a hard time recommending Robert Plotkins book as it has little original content. On the other hand, I took a quick look at Rum 1000 on Amazon and on page 1, there are 75 rum facts. I was surprised to read
The first still was built in 1893.
The first rum was exported to the US in 1897.
The first rum distillery in the United States appeared in 1664.

I'm not sure how the first rum distillery in the United States appeared more than a hundred years before there was a United States and more than two hundred years before the first still was built.

It is also well documented that following his election in 1776, George Washington ordered a hogshead of the best Barbados Rum for his inauguration party.

This looks like another book written for sponsors dollars. I get requests every day from publishers asking for sponsorship of their new book. Unfortunately, most of these books are painfully short of researched content.

I can recommend Wayne Curtis' book, it is very well researched and a very enjoyable read.
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