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Default Florida Weekend

I was just in Florida for a family wedding and found Rumba on Gulf to Bay Blvd in Clearwater. The outdoor bar was comfortable and the quarter chicken early special was great. The rum menu is extensive though the text seemed almost too familiar. I was obviously written by someone who had a good understanding of my favorite spirit and missed most of the usual shortcomings found on rum menus such as claiming Flor de Cana 21 Anniversary is 21 years old. Unfortunately, about the only rum drinks the bartenders seemed to be interested in serving were rum and coke or rum on the rocks or neat. There appeared to be a complete lack of fresh fruit behind the outside bar. I hope the bar training improves or this will probably go the way of a lot of other so-called rum bars where bartenders try to tell you Captain Morgan the premium spiced rum. This place has potential but after being open more than six months I expect more.
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