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Default The Rum 1000

Just received a new book from Amazon....The Rum 1000 by Ray Foley, publisher of Bartender Magazine. Paperback, 6" x 8", 306 pages. $11.66

The five chapters break down as follows:

Chapter One - 4 pages - 75 Rum Facts
Basic stuff, nothing new for this forum's members

Chapter Two - 240 pages - 700 Rum Drink Recipes
The main part of the book, a interesting collection of cocktails using a wide variety of rums.

Chapter Three - 30 pages - 50 Food Recipes
Most of the recipes call for Bacardi or Puerto Rican rum, but I am sure some, if not most, would benefit from something richer.

Chapter Four - 4 pages - The names of 75 Rum Producers

Chapter Five - 4 pages - 100 Rum Websites

Glossary - 6 pages -Sections cover Tools,Glassware, Mixing Terms, Types of Drinks and How to Rim a Glass.

Interesting to see a cocktail book that includes recipes calling for Pyrat, 10 Cane, Flor de Cana, La Mauny, Starr African, Oronoco and Depaz rums.
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