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I was wondering, about the wooden pot still. What wood it is actually constructed from, and also, when the still needs repair, is the same type wood always used to repair it? (I have only tasted two rums which claim to be made from a wooden pot still, The Pusser's 15 yr old, and the previously mentioned El Dorado PM. Their is a similarity in taste, although the Pusser's has much less of the 'woody' quality that I taste in the PM.)

In the Pusser's version I swear I taste poplar wood rather than Oak, and in the PM, I taste that same sappy poplar wood, but I swear I also taste Spruce wood, as well as a variety of other sharp tannins. It makes me think the still may have a variety of different wood types used in its construction. (It could be, that repairs to the still using newer wood, may be causing me to believe I taste different wood types when really it is just different ages, or the aging in the barrel afterwards could cause the same affect.)

Also since the Pussers 15 and the ED Port Mourant, each claim to be made from the only production wooden pot still in the world, is the PM still the source of part or all of the Pusser's blend?
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