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Default Port Mourant

I recently bought a bottle of El Dorado Single Barrel "Port Mourant". It is absolutely amazing. I can do no better than to quote directly from the blurb,

"PM was the marque used to identify rums from the distillery attached to the Port Mourant Sugar Factory, founded in 1732 - one of the oldest Estates in the world.

"The original Wooden Pot Still, the only one operational in the world today, continues to be used to produce this single distillate Demerara rum.

"Its age-old wood adds to the distinctive flavour of this heavy-bodied, aromatic rum, which was originally used by the British Royal Navy."

At some point during the 18th century, there were 384 sugar estates in Guyana, each one with its own distillery producing its own rum. The Port Mourant sugar estate is located on the Lower Corentyne, some 60 to 70 miles south-east of Georgetown, although its sugar factory was closed down many years ago, and Port Mourant's sugar cane is now processed at the neighbouring Albion factory.

Every (legal) Guyanese still in existence - including Port Mourant's - is now to be found at the DDL distillery at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, just to the south of Georgetown.
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