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[QUOTE=LaQuesta;11205]My spouse just returned from Guatemala. As an "A" team member of the LaQuesta team (We call her Agent A2.) she brought back a couple of bottles of Zacapa XO and one of the Anniversario.

The bottles of XO are 750 ml thereby I presume, signaling some intent to export to the United States at some time in the near future.

Unfortunately, she also reports that it was darned hard to get the stuff and that it kept flying off of the shelves as fast as it showed up in the shops and they would not hold any for her. It was available in the duty free shops as would be expected, but there you have the carry and re-pack problems when you enter the US and transfer to another flight.

Prices seem to be sky-rocketing as these bottles cost me $100 each. The Anniversario was more and this is in the country of origin. Agent A2 is a native so there was no apparent taking advantage of the tourist thing going on.

I'd be interested on recent experience from others?[/QUOTE
I recently just got a bottle of Zacapa XO. I made contact with someone from the Guatemalan Embassy who was more than happy to bring me back a few bottles.

Like Agent A squared, my contact was from Guatemala and he paid about $90 for the bottle. Similarly, he had a very, very, very difficult time finding the bottle. Ultimately, he did get it, but he said he could of save a lot of time and some money, if he had just purchased it at the Airport.

As far as the taste, I haven’t opened it yet. I only have one and would like to have at least one more before I take that first sip.
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