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Default Found this old Havana Club, Appleton, and Wray and Nephew

So I'm a fan of the Havana Club current production 7 year that I can regularly get, but going through my folks' liquor cabinet during holiday I found one with a label that could perhaps tell us the year? Seems like its pre-Pernod given the label.

Same thing goes for the Appleton 12 year that seems to be an older label and different bottle shape than the current production.

As for the Wray & Nephew, Jamaica's independence was in 1962, so that places the bottle from 1987. Found an old post here that it was limited to 100 bottles for W&R employees?

Check it out - geek out:

Havana Club:

Appleton 12 year:


If anyone could help value these, it would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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