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Default Rhum Reimonenq

I was blown away recently by two bottlings from the Musee Du Rhum. These were private label bottles sold only in Italy by the same company that makes the Rum Nation Line-up.

Reimonenq Vieux 5 Year Old Rhum (Distilled 2006)
Reimonenq Vieux 9 Year Old Rhum (Distilled 1999)

What really intrigued me about both the rums was the intensity of the flavour, I wrote (with respect to the five year old)

"Things were both sweet and herbal carrying impressions of willow trees and heather, candied caramel and wisp of licorice, as well as a firm underlying earthy must."

Does anyone know whether the flavours I am describing are typical of Guadeloupe Rhum?
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